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Enter the World of Freeze-Dried Foods

Freeze-dried food is the latest trend in the food industry. Freeze-drying products are foods that have been freeze-dried or lyophilized. Freeze-drying is a process where pressure is lowered and ice is removed from the foods through sublimation. Our freeze-dried foods have no added preservatives, have a longer shelf life, and are lightweight and portable.

Mak Biotek offers a range of freeze-dried meals and can be your go-to healthy product platform. We are dedicated to freeze-drying innovation and expertise and this is what sets us apart from others in the market. We use sophisticated freeze-drying technology that results in premium quality freeze-dried products. Our freeze-drying process preserves all the real nutrients, flavour and taste of fresh foods. 


Long ambient
shelf life


Great flavour delivery & vibrant colours


No fuss, No mess, No chopping, just use straight from the bag


Small quantities,
big impact


Retains complete nutritional profile


Retains natural
shape & texture

Our Products

The New Trend in the Food Industry

Freeze-dried food is the latest trend in the food industry and this market is highly anticipated to rise in the coming years. Wondering how? Well, don’t worry, we’ll give you ‘whys’. Running late and don’t have the time to cook meals? Or just feeling lazy and still wanting to eat something delicious and exquisite? Freeze-dried products are here to save you! Take them out of the packet and cook them or munch on them as it is and you’re saved from the hassle of washing and chopping the foods. But there’s more to freeze-dried meals than this!

Freeze dried product

But Why Freeze-Dried Foods?

Lightweight and Portable

As most of the moisture is removed from the foods during the freeze-drying process, this makes our freeze-dried fruits lightweight and portable. So, you can carry our freeze-dried fruits anywhere you go!

Longer Shelf Life

Low water content adds to the longer shelf life of the freeze-drying products. You can store them for days without worrying about them going stale. 

Fast Rehydration

Add water to our freeze-dried food and it is ready to enjoy! The fast rehydration of our freeze-dried meals makes it convenient to use and devour.

Real Flavour and Taste

Freeze-drying preserves the real flavor and taste of fresh foods. The best thing about our freeze-dried products is that it has no added flavor or preservatives. 

A No Preservative Healthy Snack

The best thing about our freeze-dried food is that it has no added preservatives, colour, flavour and taste. Our freeze-drying products are 100% real, healthy, and packed with nutrients. So no matter if you’re running late on time or just don’t want to wash and chop fruits or vegetables, our freeze-dried meals must be on your grocery list.

Taste An Unique Crunch

Normally, fruits and vegetables are known for their soft and crisp texture but our freeze-dried food is crunchy. Yes! Our freeze-dried meals have a crunchy texture. Our freeze-drying process removes most of the water content from the fresh foods which makes them crispy and crunchy in texture.   

Bring Versatility to Your Meals

Our freeze-drying products represent versatility. Have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as even snack, it’s all on you. Don’t believe us? Well, please have a little patience. Make a healthy freeze-dried carrot soup, add our freeze-dried mango or apple to your oatmeal, or sprinkle our freeze-dried parsley to your meals, you’ve unlimited options of how you can add our freeze-dried products to your lifestyle. 


Our products are best known in the market for their premium quality taste and flavour. Additionally, we don’t use any added preservatives or colour to our freeze-drying products which makes them 100% real and healthy to use. 

Yes, our freeze-drying products are healthy and safe to consume. Our freeze-dried foods contain real nutrients, taste and flavour of fresh foods and can be your go-to healthy snack.  

We offer our freeze-dried foods in the category of fruits, vegetables, herbs and ready-to-eat products. If you’re struggling to eat healthy in this hustle and bustle of life, our freeze-dried products can be your saviour! 

Yes, freeze-dried fruits are better than fresh fruits. Since you can store our freeze-dried fruits for days without worrying about letting them go rotten. With that, our freeze-dried fruits are lightweight and portable means you can carry them anywhere you go. 

Freeze-drying products have a long time frame because around 97-98% moisture is eliminated during the freeze-drying process, which consequently upgrades its time frame of realistic usability. Putting it away at lower temperatures will additionally help in expanding the period of usability of the product.

Freeze drying is better since it eliminates nearly 97-98% moisture, while through dehydration, just 92-94% moisture is removed. Also, freeze-drying preserves most of the nutritional benefits of the foods, unlike dehydration.

Indeed, you can, however, but it has a few huge downsides: an enormous amount of space is needed, along with costly hardware that can cost up to 1 crore. So we suggest it is better to buy freeze-dried products than freeze-drying all by yourself.

Our every product accompanies suitable directions of utilization imprinted on the actual packet. These instructions come in handy when consuming our freeze-drying products. 

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