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"At MAK BIOTEK, we believe that a great team is the foundation of success. Our diverse and talented team members bring their unique skills and expertise to deliver exceptional results. Get to know the individuals behind our success below."

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Managing Director

Mahesh Sinhal is a visionary managing director of MAK BIOTEK, with exceptional insights and a brilliant foresight. He holds a Masters degree in physics, and his interests include professional golfing, reading and discussing politics and current affairs. His keen interest in manufacturing design has also made him an integral part of the industry. Mahesh is an accomplished philanthropist whose vision has helped many people to achieve their goals, while growing his business. Whether it’s pursuing innovative projects or improving his golf game, Mahesh’s ambition knows no bounds.

meet our team-mak-biotek


Co-Founder + CEO

Aditya Sinhal is the CEO of MAK BIOTEK. He is a software engineer with a keen interest in brand building and entrepreneurship. Aditya is an avid runner and fitness enthusiast, having successfully completed several marathons in the past. His passion for business, marketing, and e-commerce knows no bounds; he loves to read about them and talk to people who share his interests. With his boundless energy and creative problem-solving approach to work, he continues to grow MAK BIOTEK.

meet our team-mak-biotek


Co-Founder + CTO

Kanishk Sinhal is a bio-technologist from Germany. He first developed an interest in the sciences during his school days, and pursued bio-technology further at university.

Since graduating, Kanishk has worked as a research scientist and product developer for various biotech startups. Currently, he is the CTO of MAK BIOTEK, and successfully oversees the entire product and technology innovation lifecycle.

Outside of work, Kanishk enjoys trekking and peak climbing. He also loves reading and talking about politics and current affairs.

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