Our Technology

And Know-How

The X factor

Our cutting-edge freeze-drying technology ensures premium products maintain their perfection even after extended storage. Count on us for exceptional research, development and full-scale production to make your project a resounding success.

World Class Facility

Our facility offers a diverse range of dryers engineered to meet your requirements with complete traceability. From in-depth research and development to full-scale production, we ensure ingredient preservation at industry best standards. So when ripe fruits and vegetables, fresh-off the tree are processed at MAK BIOTEK they essentially pause in time till the consumer opens the packet for consumption. Our Air-tight, moisture-barrier packaging is an added advantage that extends the shelf life of freeze-dried food.


The Wheel of Freeze-Drying

We follow a systematic process to produce freeze-dried fruits, herbs and vegetables. Once we obtain fresh produce, it goes straight to our processing and manufacturing hubs. We produce high-quality freeze-dried foods and bulk custom orders.
freeze drying process - mak biotek

How We Do It

Private Labeling

Quality Competency

Sustainable Sourcing

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