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Our high-volume machinery creates shelf-stable products for any industry.

Flexible packaging sizes

Our freeze-dried pack formats range from sachets and doy-packs, to bag in a box and tote bags. Whether in glass jars, cardboard boxes or unusual packaging: in cooperation with our experienced packers, you can present your product perfectly. Our packaging formats range from 10g sachets to 1kg food-service packs and up to 7kg tote bags.


Private Label


Product-Market fit for your brand

Our experienced consultants offer a range of services, from customized solutions to in-depth research and development, all designed to create the optimal product-market fit for your brand. Partnering with us ensures that you receive the support you need to succeed in today’s challenging business landscape.

Low Minimum Order Quantity

At MAK BIOTEK, we firmly believe that even small efforts can create big changes. That’s why we’re always at the forefront, putting in the work, no matter how small the task. If you’re just starting out or looking to try out a new product, a low minimum order quantity option allows you to test the waters with a smaller order and get a feel for the market before jumping into a larger commitment.

Private Label


Better Technology

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