Freeze Dried Mango

Our freeze dried mango is deliciously versatile – available in wedges, slices, diced or powdered. Vibrant yellow-orange and with a complex flavor that balances sweet and tart notes, it can be a delectable addition in many dishes. Maximize its use in your kitchen – from flavorful dressings and breakfast bowls, to refreshing beverages and cocktails. Try our freeze dried mango now and give a boost of flavour to your recipes!

  • Whole Slice
  • Diced / Bits
  • Powder
SeasonalityMay – August
Shelf LifeTypically 12-24 months (depending on packaging format)

Pillow bags, 3-Layer protection to moisture and sunlight, packed into shelf ready 5-ply corrugated cases.

Minimum Order Qty: 2 Kgs

ColourYellow to orange
Size40 mesh for powder, 4-6-8 mm for pieces
OrganolepticCharacteristic of mango, sweet & fine, brittle texture.
  • Baking Premix
  • Cereal, Nutrition Bar
  • Retail, Snacking
  • Beverage Premix

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