What do we mean by sustainably sourced?

Our definition of sustainable is holistic – from acquiring ingredients to freeze-drying we make sure that nature and humankind get the best. We used sustainable extraction methods along with fungal potent fortifiers that make our products nutrition-rich.


Sustainability is key in today’s world, and we believe it’s crucial to keep future generations in mind when we consume from the earth’s resources. It’s not just about consuming less, but about striking a balance that ensures we give back as we consume. That’s why at MAK BIOTEK we have established a sustainability policy based on three values we hold close- using skills, living fairly, and sharing knowledge. Come join us in our mission to build a sustainable future for the next generations!

We offer a solution where we can capture and preserve the nutrition, taste, texture and colour of these seasonal products. We offer food solutions that eliminate food wastage of cyclical glut.

By processing these fruits and vegetables we buy time from nature and open these fruits and vegetables to be used in diverse applications and end use products.


Quality Parameter Freeze-Dried Foods Non Freeze-Dried Foods
Shelf Life Long shelf life upto 5 years Short shelf life upto 6 months
Weight Light-weight and cheaper to transport Heavy and expensive to transport
Nutrition 99% Nutrition retention of natural food 23% nutrition retention of natural food
Texture Original shape and colour preserved Original shape and colour destroyed
Taste Original taste preserved Original taste destroyed
Added Sugar No added sugar ever Sugar added as taste enhancer
Preservatives No added preservatives or chemicals Preservatives used to increase shelf-life

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Our Mission

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