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Freeze Dried Ingredients


100% Natural

Pure ingredients from nature, without preservatives.

By gently evaporating the water, it retains all the natural taste of food without losing any aroma. When the product is rehydrated, it unleashes all its aromatic goodness.

Shape Integrity

Original shape integrity with natural colour.

The low-temperature process removes water from the ingredients while preserving their cellular structure, resulting in concentrated flavours and vibrant colours.

Freeze Dried products


Freeze Dried Ingredients, MAK BIOTEK


99% Nutrition Retention

Our products retain 99% of their bio-active ingredients and nutrition.

Freeze drying preserves the natural nutrients, vitamins, and minerals present in fresh fruits. As a result, freeze-dried fruits retain their nutritional content, making them a convenient and portable way to enjoy the health benefits of fruits.

Long Shelf Life

Our technology preserves food for upto 5 years without refrigeration.

Unlike fresh ingredients, freeze-dried counterparts require no refrigeration, allowing you to stock your pantry with a wide variety of ingredients without worrying about spoilage.

Freeze Dried Ingredients


Freeze Dried Ingredients, MAK BIOTEK


Easy to Handle

Ingredients are lightweight and easy to transport & handle anywhere.

Freeze-dried products are lightweight, compact, and easy to rehydrate, making them convenient for storage, transportation, and use, especially in situations where fresh ingredients are not readily available.

Better Technology

Quality Competency

Sustainable Sourcing

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