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Freeze drying has roots dating back centuries to the Incas, who utilized the gentle effect of cool temperatures, high air pressure, and warm sunlight in the Andes to naturally dry and preserve potatoes. Today, we utilize state-of-the-art freeze drying equipment to carefully recreate these same natural environmental conditions, resulting in 100% natural ingredients without any added preservatives, while retaining full flavour.

Why professional Chefs Choose Us?

In recent years, freeze-dried ingredients have gained immense popularity among home cooks and professional chefs alike. Their exceptional qualities make them a game-changer in the kitchen, offering a myriad of benefits that elevate culinary experiences to new heights. From enhancing flavor and nutrition to their unmatched convenience and extended shelf life, freeze-dried ingredients have revolutionized the way we approach cooking and food preparation.

Why Freeze Dried, MAK BIOTEK

Water Matters

Freeze-dried foods are light-weight and with near zero moisture content. This means it can be stored on shelves easily and doesn't need temperature controlled storage. Huge savings for quick service industry with multiple counters.

Why Freeze Dried, MAK BIOTEK

Value for money

Wondering how? Foods contain some percentage of water. When you buy foods that are freeze-dried you pay only for the ‘real substance’ and not water. The concentration of flavour and preservation of flavour result in a much more potent product.


Why Freeze Dried, MAK BIOTEK


Some of the known retailers across India have been our clients for straight 4 years in a row. Our freeze-dried herbs and vegetables have been a topper all the way!

Why Freeze Dried, MAK BIOTEK

Food-service & QSR

We supply bulk freeze-dried ingredients and ready-to-cook options to operators dealing in the food supply chain and QSRs across metro cities in India.

Why Freeze Dried, MAK BIOTEK

Commercial kitchens

After dabbling amongst food-service providers we captured some of the best restaurants across India. Our freeze-dried fruits and herbs are chef’s favourites.


Why Freeze Dried, MAK BIOTEK

Long Shelf Life

Unlike fresh ingredients, freeze-dried counterparts require no refrigeration, allowing you to stock your pantry with a wide variety of ingredients without worrying about spoilage.

Why Freeze Dried, MAK BIOTEK

Zero Preservatives

Our products retain 99% of their bio-active ingredients and nutrition. Freeze-drying preserves the food without the need for refrigeration or preservatives.

Freeze Dried Ingredients, Why Freeze Dried, MAK BIOTEK

Enhanced Flavour

The low-temperature process removes water from the ingredients while preserving their cellular structure, resulting in concentrated flavours and vibrant colours.

Freeze Dried Ingredients, Why Freeze Dried, MAK BIOTEK

Full Aroma

By gently evaporating the water, it retains all the natural taste of food without losing any aroma. When the product is rehydrated, it unleashes all its aromatic goodness.

Better Technology

Quality Competency

Sustainable Sourcing

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